Data Center, Associate (JNCIA-DC) JN0-280 Dumps

The JN0-280 Data Center, Associate (JNCIA-DC) is recognized as one of the most sought-after Juniper Certification exams. Passcert provides the latest and most comprehensive Data Center, Associate (JNCIA-DC) JN0-280 Dumps which encompass all the essential knowledge points that are integral to the actual exam. Using these Data Center, Associate (JNCIA-DC) JN0-280 Dumps, candidates can identify their strengths and weaknesses, which is key to formulating an effective test-taking strategy. They also provide a realistic insight into the potential score one can expect in the actual exam. The Data Center, Associate (JNCIA-DC) JN0-280 Dumps, with their comprehensive and well-explained content, serve as a productive tool to ensure a remarkable success rate in the JN0-280 exam.

Data Center, Associate (JNCIA-DC)The Data Center track enables you to demonstrate competence with data center technologies and related configuration and troubleshooting skills. JNCIA-DC, the associate-level certification in this track, is designed for data center networking professionals with introductory-level knowledge of the Juniper Networks Junos software and data center devices. The written exam verifies your understanding of data center technologies, related platform configuration, and troubleshooting skills.

Exam DetailsExam Code: JN0-280Prerequisite Certification: NoneDelivered by Pearson VUEExam Length: 90 minutesExam Type: 65 multiple-choice questionsSoftware Versions: Junos 20.4

Exam ObjectivesData Center ArchitecturesIdentify concepts and general features of Data Center architecturesTraditional Architectures (multi-tier)IP-Fabric Architectures (Spine/Leaf)Layer 2 and Layer 3 strategiesOverlay Network versus Underlay Network (Very Basic)EVPN/VXLAN basics/purpose Layer 2 Switching, VLANs and Security Identify the concepts, operation, or functionality of Layer 2 switching for the Junos OSEthernet switching/bridging concepts and operations Identify the concepts, benefits, or functionality of VLANsPort modesVLAN TaggingIRB Identify the concepts, benefits, or functionality of Layer 2 SecurityMACsecMAC address control/filteringStorm Control Describe how to configure, monitor, or troubleshoot Layer 2 switching, VLANs, or securityEthernet switching/bridgingVLANsLayer 2 security features

Protocol-Independent RoutingIdentify the concepts, operation, or functionality of various protocol-independent routing componentsStatic, aggregate, and generated routesMartian addressesRouting instances, including RIB groupsLoad balancingFilter-based forwarding

Describe how to configure, monitor, or troubleshoot various protocol-independent routing componentsStatic, aggregate, and generated routesLoad balancing

Data Center Routing Protocols BGP/OSPFIdentify the concepts, operation, or functionality of OSPFLink-state databaseOSPF packet typesRouter IDAdjacencies and neighborsDesignated router (DR) and backup designated router (BDR)OSPF area and router typesLSA packet types

Describe how to configure, monitor, or troubleshoot OSPFAreas, interfaces, and neighborsAdditional basic optionsRouting policy applicationTroubleshooting tools

Identify the concepts, operation, or functionality of BGPBGP basic operationBGP message typesAttributesRoute/path selection processIBGP and EBGP functionality and interaction

Describe how to configure, monitor, or troubleshoot BGPGroups and peersAdditional basic optionsRouting policy application

High Availability (HA)Identify the concepts, benefits, applications, or requirements of high availabilityLink aggregation groups (LAG)Graceful restart (GR)Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)Virtual Chassis

Describe how to configure, monitor, or troubleshoot high availability componentsLink aggregation groups (LAG)Graceful restart (GR)Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)

Share Data Center, Associate (JNCIA-DC) JN0-280 Free Dumps1. What are two common reasons for BGP routes to be in the hidden state? (Choose two.)A. Routes are being rejected by a policyB. Routes are being filtered from the inet.2 routing tableC. The next hop is unresolvableD. The BGP neighbor is in a different autonomous systemAnswer: A, C 2. You have configured a load balancing policy. Which statement is correct about applying the policy?A. The policy is applied as an export policy under the routing protocol’s hierarchy.B. The policy is applied as an export policy under routing-options forwarding table.C. The policy is applied as an import policy under the routing protocol’s hierarchy.D. The policy is applied as an import policy under routing-options forwarding table.Answer: B 3. Under which Junos hierarchy is a static route configured?A. systemB. routing-instancesC. routing-optionsD. protocolsAnswer: C 4. How does a layer 2 switch populate its bridge table?A. It stores the protocol number of frames traversing the network.B. It stores both the source and destination MAC addresses of frames traversing the network.C. It stores the destination MAC address of frames traversing the network.D. It stores the source MAC address of frames traversing the network.Answer: D 5. In the Junos OS, what is the default behavior of a switch when it receives a frame with an unknown destination MAC address?A. It discards the frame.B. It floods the frame out of all ports except the one it was received on.C. It sends the frame to its default gateway.D. It buffers the frame until the MAC address can be learned.Answer: B 6. Which two protocols can you use for a data center underlay network? (Choose two)A. EBGPB. OSPFC. VXLAND. EVPNAnswer: A, B 7. In the context of data center networking, what is the primary purpose of an Underlay Network?A. To provide a physical infrastructure for an Overlay Network.B. To handle external network connections exclusively.C. To facilitate virtual machine migrations.D. To encrypt data traffic between servers.Answer: A 8. With regards to graceful restart, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)A. A supported routing protocol, such as BGP, must be operational for graceful restart to work.B. NSR must be enabled for graceful restart to work.C. Dual routing engines are required for graceful restart to work.D. The network topology must be stable for graceful restart to work.Answer: A, D 9. EVPN/VXLAN is primarily used in modern data centers to:A. Increase the physical distance between data centers.B. Provide Layer 2 connectivity over a Layer 3 network.C. Replace traditional routing protocols.D. Enhance the physical security of the data center.Answer: B 10. Which two statements are correct about aggregated Ethernet bundles? (Choose two.)A. You must enable the chassis to support aggregated Ethernet interfaces.B. You must purchase a services license for the chassis to support aggregate Ethernet interfaces.C. You must specify which interfaces are members of a specific aggregated Ethernet bundle.D. You must enable LACP when configuring aggregated Ethernet bundles.Answer: A, C

How to Get The Best WB Govt Jobs 2020?

It is certainly not easy to get government jobs, particularly when you are clueless about where to begin and the way you should prepare. You need to do plenty of hard work, as well as use proper techniques that can assist you in scoring high on answer papers. The test papers for West Bengal Government Job are like any other examinations, and you would have to solve a list of questions within a specific time frame. You have to solve the questions with detailed, but not too long answers. Here are some tips to help you get the best jobs with the West Bengal Government in 2020.

Practice question papers of the previous year:

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Gather the question papers of the last 5 years, and practice them at home. It will be very assistive for you in getting a proper idea about the question patterns and types for the exam. When you sit down for the tests, you can understand where to begin and which section needs to be answered first.

Purchase sample papers online:

Sample papers are not just mock test papers, as these also reflect the actual question papers. You can be more prepared for the exams when you practice sample papers. Try solving every sample paper within a little less than the time limit specified for the tests, so that you can get some precious minutes to revise and correct as well. Typically, every sample paper comes with all the solutions. Thus, after you solve the questions asked in the sample papers, it can be easy to check and determine whether you are right or wrong and what the margins of errors are. It can assist you in learning better and more quickly.

Visit an online govt. job portal:

This type of government website is designed to help students out, and you can get very useful tips to answer questions asked in the WB Govt Jobs 2020 exams. You can also get standard information on examination syllabus and dates. Any update or important change in the exam application dates can be obtained and known instantly from these types of portals.

Try Group studies:

It is advisable that you study in a group, so that you can prepare better. If you have a few classmates or friends making preparations for the same government exams, you can team up and study together. You can learn about their study tricks and share yours as well, to be able to mutually benefit each other. It can also help keep you inspired to study and do well. You may even check their answer sheets for mock tests while they check yours, so as to simulate an actual exam environment and feel the pressure. When you study in a group, you may also share study materials and references with each other.

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Answer short questions first:

Make it a habit to solve the short questions first, so that you can get marks faster and be assured of passing. Once you have got the pass marks covered, start answering the longer questions.

The West Bengal Government has some fantastic jobs on offer, which come with the promise of a good salary and job security. I Hope, these useful tips will let you bag the best West Bengal Government in the year 2020.

3 Ideas to Work as a Translator

Do you hate to be a translator? You think being a translator is an easy job for anyone. Being a translator is a professional job and it requires a knowledgeable person who doesn’t stop about learning as each language has its daily updates in structure and linguistics. Being a translator has pros and cons as it gives for him, it takes a lot.

The benefits of being a translator:

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The translator process includes transferring the ideas and thoughts from one language into another. A translator is a medium between two languages.

Being a translator facilitate the way for the worker to be self-employed who can work without any control from any boss. You can work only under your rules to do your work.

A translator has no fixed hours, he can choose his work hours without being forced to go early and bear the struggle of transportation.

In this regard, many people prefer to work as a translator to create a suitable atmosphere for the job. They know their abilities to work as a self-employed translator.

Being self-employed can make you able to find another job in other places and this makes it easy for you to learn more and manage your time between working and learning

Manage the expanses.

As being a translator, you gain the money for your job at any time. You are the controller when you finish your job, you can get the money without waiting for the monthly salary.

Also, translators use an easy way to get the money online and this keeps him safe from thrifty or losing his money. Translators have the opportunity to offer rational prices rely on the quality of his work and the time.

The translators are restricted to the deadline to deliver his work for the client. This way keep the translator safe and calm as he will do the job in a suitable time for him without any force from other people.

Also, the translator could have the chance to manage his life and this side makes his loyalty to his family as he will stay with them at home without the need to stay all the day outside in the job while backing exhausted and tired.

Have the opportunity to communicate with different people
Through the way of working as a translator, a translator will deal with people from the entire world as he won’t be restricted to the country or people.

The translators have the chance to deal with different people, as a result, he will get a different amount of money. There are many people from different countries seek you to translate their documents in a short time and without legal restriction.

In this part, translators will deal with the client direct and determine the price and the deadline to provide him with translation.

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Unlikely, many people seek to get a certified translation specially certified legal translator to translate the legal documents and make it acceptable by the court and the governmental sectors.

Many legal translation offices could help you in getting the service for any kind and any language.

To conclude, working as a translator offers you the opportunity to work as a self-employed to create your own space at work. Also, translators can deal with many people and gain more money once he provides his work with high-quality.